San Antonio, Your Roots Are Showing

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The San Antonio Missions National Historic Park are a group of five frontier missions that are along about an eight mile stretch. Though each mission is technically independent they are protected for the rich culture as one historical site. In 2012, a committee was formed that was dedicated to preserving the culture and history behind the missions. The missions are complexes that show the blended cultures of the Spanish and the Coahuiltecan along with other indigenous peoples. The San Antonio missions are currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO fights to preserve sites that are deemed an interest to humanity. Another fun fact is that UNESCO is legally protected by international treaties. The Missions are the only UNESCO site in Texas joining the same list in which The Statue of Liberty in New York and The Great Wall in China are on. Pretty cool huh?
As mentioned before, the missions are a collective of five sites and they are:

  • The Alamo
  • San Juan
  • San Jose
  • Conception
  • Espada

Biking To The Missions

All of these are a short ways away from our bed and breakfast, The Inn on the Riverwalk. So after joining us for a hot home- cooked breakfast hop on a bike and head down to the missions. The Alamo is the most popular mission to check out. The Alamo is located on Alamo Plaza with a plethora of shops and restaurants near by. The close access to the main section of the river is another reason why so many people come to The Alamo. What most people like to do is rent bikes and cruise all over downtown. Our guests here at the inn are big fans of biking. After the short 25 paces from our inn to the river (yes I walked outside and counted myself), you can turn right which will take you seven minutes to get to the hustle and bustle on the river including the Alamo or you can turn left.

This route will take you to the other missions with beautiful scenery along the way. The trees canopy beautifully to give you the right amount of shade and The Riverwalk begins to narrow and you can’t help but take it all in and live in the moment.

Come Stay With Us!

Make it your mission to come stay with us here at The Inn on the Riverwalk and take advantage of what this location has to offer. Maybe one day, turn right and enjoy the shops and great restaurants. But the next day, turn left and see for yourself how the short bike ride down to the mission really is just beautiful. Take my word for it, where else would you like to be than on bike on a beautiful day heading to a national world heritage site here in humble San Antonio?

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